A Few Things To Know About Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens

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Raised beds are a well-accepted way of growing fruits and vegetables in your backyard. You get so much more when you have raised bed gardens. Raised bed gardens definitely have an edge over traditional gardens.

One of the biggest advantages to growing in raised beds is the fact that you can save a lot of space over traditional gardening. If you plant in rows, as most people do in traditional gardening, about half of your garden space is taken up by the paths between rows!

That much space could have been good for something else. Not only is a raised bed garden efficient, it also saves a lot of space. This means you can harvest a lot more produce from the same amount of space.

You have the benefit of having an easier time when it comes to the soil in raised gardens. To get good soil in ordinary gardens, you have to loosen the soil, and then mix the compost in. Tillers have to be used to loosen the soil.

You also have to change the compost into soil. This chore is laborious and takes a long time. With raised bed gardening, you can simply use compost as your soil!

You can choose to till the soil underneath your raised bed, or you can leave it alone. Most plants will grow even if the soil isn’t tilled. You can directly fill the frame with compost and start planting. That’s so much easier than having to turn compost into soil.

Raised beds are generally about 4 feet wide and 6 feet in length. The wooden frame is placed on the earth. They’re generally spaced about 18 to 24 inches apart to allow for walking between the frames to care for the plants.

Raised beds are usually partitioned into twelve-inch parts. Bigger plants would take up a single division. For smaller plants, over 10 seedlings can fit in a single division. You can fit sixteen carrots or radishes in one division.

First of all, you should divide the raised bed into 1×1 areas. In each 1×1 are, make further divisions depending on your plant size. Larger plants like tomatoes and broccoli need a single division for itself.

You can have four lettuces in a square foot area. For small crops, you can partition the square into sixteen areas. Once the space is divided using string or small pieces of wood, you plant your seeds or seedlings in the centre of each section.

Weed won’t be as big a problem as it is with ordinary gardens. Since the soil you place on top is generally fresh compost or soil mix, there shouldn’t be as many weed seeds in it as there would be in tilled soil. Weeds are seen without difficulty, so you can pull them out easily.

Raised bed gardeners often find caring for their gardens much easier. The arrangement of plants makes the gardener appreciate his garden more. It’s a great way to get more produce out of the space you have available, and it’s generally easier, too.

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