Do You Live Your Life In The Comfort Zone?

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The comfort zone is where you feel safe. No waves. No rough seas. See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. I’m not going to bother you and I don’t want you to bother me. That’s the comfort zone. Or as some call it…living in the box. Where do you live? Do you live in the box……I mean do you live your life in the comfort zone?

I don’t mean comfort like you are financially comfortable. We would all love to there. I mean comfort in the established fact that you can never stray to far out of the comfort of your box. Like a puppy or a new born chick. They may never stray to far away from home. Why would they? They have heat, food, and comfort. Kinda like why so many kids today, who don’t move away from home and make a life for themselves. They’re comfy there. They don’t want to move away from that comfort.

Eagles are a great example of this.

Eagles are very beautiful and entrancing birds. They build their nests on high cliffs to keep intruders out and their eggs protected. After those eggs hatch and the birds are born, they’re going to reach adulthood and be fed and protected till they can look after themselves. The mother will get the young prepared for flight by flying close to the nest with food in her mouth, but never giving it to the young birds. As she flies by, they try to grab it from her. Wobbling on the fringe of the nest their wings are open and flapping to avoid falling. In this fashion they are exercising the wings which will at last permit them to swoop at heights of ten thousand feet and reach speeds up to 35 miles an hour.

To get the birds out of their comfort zone, the mother will take out the soft feathers that had once lined the nest. This will expose the thorny sticks and twigs of the nest, making it anything but comfortable.

To the disinclined bird who just does not want to leave that warm comfortable nest, she’ll finally push him out. As he falls, he had better learn the way to use those wings. She’ll come beneath him a few times and catch him to try again. This could only occur for so very long. If he has not picked it up, she is going to let him fall to his death.

97% of the population live their lives in their comfort zone. In their boxes. Only 3 % go out of the box. Those are your Donald Trump’s, Robert Kiyosaki’s, and Thomas Edison’s of the Earth. They are the danger takers. The men and women that dare to dream. The adventurers of this world. The entrepreneurs that can leave their marks on society. Maybe discover the answer to cancer or something.

Thomas Edison tried over a thousand times to build an ordinary bulb. Just think what amount of people must have laughed? How many must have thought he was a bit crazy? But he never gave up until he did what he set out to do. He could see that light in his head. That dream persisted, even if nobody else could see it.

Determination, perseverance, and a will that is not moved by the naysayers. You know…….the people who are shouting their insults and negative remarks from the comfort of their box. That is what is needed to be a network marketer. You have to get uncomfortable. You have to get out of the box and…!

Are you wanting to fly to the heights like an eagle? Would you like to go to new heights? Would you like to fly where few folks have gone? Are you an eagle? Than get out of the comfort of your box and…… fly!

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