Education Helps

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Education Helps

After college I worked at the Olympic hotel in three different departments, the first was the family type restaurant, here I made salads and sandwiches a place I didn’t really want to be, but I did my job and used what I learned to excel and warrant a transfer to Shucker’s a seafood upper class restraint in the Olympic. Here I was able to work as a team with the wait people, and management. My responsibilities at first was setting up the Shucker window. Numerous types of clams’ oysters, and prawns. I felt I was doing a fabulist job. Here after a few hours I would move to the Kitchen and prepare seafood dishes, like salmon, halibut and main lobster, I also prepared desserts like cheese cake. I put an extra bit of myself when adding strawberries. I would place the strawberries around the cheese cake to make it attractive to the eye. Something I learn in college, was people eat with their eyes first then their stomach. From Shucker’s I was transferred to the fine dining restaurant called “The Golden Lion” here I learned how to prepare meals using timing to bring out all the food for the same table at once. It was a very interesting process. The chef would take the ticket tell his cooks what to prepare and we would prepare the item, for instance I would mark a steak giving it good lines from the char broiler, then pass the steak to the chef and he would hold until the waiter would came and call to fire his table. The chef would look at the waiter’s table order and tell him how it would be until his order would be ready. The chef would put the longest cooking item in the oven, and as the time got closer to the pick-up time more and more food would be prepared, so everything would come up at the same time. The waiter was in the kitchen a few minutes before the food was ready, and he would start setting it up on his tray as the food came out of the oven. At this point the chef was happy to have the food ready, the waiter was happy because he was able to get the food to his table in a timely manner. I was then given the opportunity to work in the main kitchen to prep food for the Golden Lion. After the Golden Lion the Hotel closed and I went to Hawaii for a vacation. As I was leaving my dad said “why don’t you find a job while you are in Hawaii. I said “I think I’ll do that. He then said “why don’t you find a job on a ship” I said “I think I’ll do that too”.

Funny thing is I found a job in three days, and it happen to be right across the street from my Condo. After about six months I was given the opportunity to get a waiter position on a cruise ship. There was a lot of work for me as well as everyone else. I started at 7:15 AM to about 9:30 AM for Breakfast, 11:30AM to 1:30PM for Lunch, and dinner was 5:45 PM to 10:30PM and here we all had the same guest. One thing I learned from my dad and some of my uncles is serve people as though you are serving yourself. I believe this is a great policy for great service.


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