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There are many ways and materials that can be used to build a raised bed for gardening. A raised bed garden is a great place to grow vegetables and flowers, and will last for many seasons of gardening.

People often choose to use raised beds if they cannot dig into the ground for some reason. Often the soil is not fertile and plants will struggle to survive. Older people and people with disabilities will enjoy the benefits of raised beds as they can move in between the raised beds with ease. Making a raised bed is a fantastic way to control the soil and grow a vast quantity of plants in a very small space. You can control the temperature and moisture, meaning you can extend the growing season.

Build a raised bed garden using basic materials such as treat wood, rocks, stones and blocks, all of these will work well for your raised bed garden. remember to lay down plastic sheeting to help prevent weeds, and help hold moisture in. You will need nails, screws, twine, and a hammer, drill, and ruler to measure how long and wide plus how high you would like your raised bed garden to be. There are no rules you need to follow or measurements you must abide by.

Now that your boxes for your raised bed garden are done, you must decide where you are going to place them. Once this is done then the ground must be flattened, and dug out to place the box in. Now that the boxes are set you may fill them with your planting mixture, be sure to lay in plastic sheeting. to retard weed growth. Now you may plant your seeds for vegetables and flowers.

Now we will need to fill our boxes with a good soil and sand mixed in with a rich compost, but first be sure you place a layer of plastic to prevent weeds from growing. Lets get started on our planting, plant only vegetables you like and will use, do the same with flowers you like. remember to place markers around the top to use as spacers.

Now that are raised bed gardens are established they will last for many years to come. Each year after the first year of planting will require less maintenance. This will give us more time to enjoy our garden. More people are using raised bed gardens then ever before.

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