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verb (used with object), organized, organizing.


to form as or into a whole consisting of interdependent or coordinatedparts, especially for united action:

to organize a committee.


Do you think your kitchen is organized? Well it probably is, but I’m going to talk about how to make sure your kitchen is ready and organized. One of the first things I do is to clean the kitchen spotless. This helps me in the organizing my kitchen. The counters, sink, and especially the floor. Now that my kitchen is clean and ready to work in it I pull out my recipe for whatever I’m going make. Read the recipe more than once to confirm you haven’t missed anything. The next thing is to pull out all the ingredients, and make sure I have enough. You might be surprised to find out how many people forget the sugar or flour, something in their mind they think they have plenty of. Now the utensils and cook ware. If you’re in business, then it importin to keep up your banking. I know this is obvious, but I found a way that helps me in keeping my finances up to date. 1. Would be able to get in to your bank statement daily. Being able to do this keeps you from extra fees, and being over drawn. The other thing I did was getting a banking program like Quicken. I would post every bill I paid mark it in a spot with a “C” indicating to me the bank has it in their to Pending Traction. When the Bank Posts the charge, I would mark a spot with an “R” which indicates the money has been taken from my account. To keep from losing the charge I would adjust the year to the next year to keep the charge visible until the bank post the statement. For check that take time to go to the company, then go to the Bank for clearing I would adjust the year to two years down the road. Doing this kept me from extra charges for being over drawn.

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