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Do You Live Life in The Comfort Zone?

Thursday, August 24, 2017 Comfort Food  No comments

The comfort zone is where you’re feeling safe. No waves. No coarse seas. See no evil, hear no malicious, and speak no noxious. I’m not going to bother you and I do not want you to trouble me. That’s the comfort zone. Or as some call it living in the box. Where do you live? Do you live in the box I mean do you live your life in the comfort zone?
I do not mean comfort like you are financially cushty. This is where we all need to be. I mean comfort in the proven fact that you will never stray to far out of the comfort of your box. Like a puppy or a new born chick. They may never stray to far away from their mother. Why would they? They have warmth, food, and comfort. Kinda like why so many children today, who don’t move away from home and make a life for themselves. They’re comfortable there...

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Do You Live Your Life In The Comfort Zone?

Friday, August 18, 2017 Comfort Food  No comments

The comfort zone is where you feel safe. No waves. No rough seas. See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. I’m not going to bother you and I don’t want you to bother me. That’s the comfort zone. Or as some call it…living in the box. Where do you live? Do you live in the box……I mean do you live your life in the comfort zone?

I don’t mean comfort like you are financially comfortable. We would all love to there. I mean comfort in the established fact that you can never stray to far out of the comfort of your box. Like a puppy or a new born chick. They may never stray to far away from home. Why would they? They have heat, food, and comfort. Kinda like why so many kids today, who don’t move away from home and make a life for themselves. They’re comfy there...

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Comfort Eating: You Can Find a Solution

Monday, July 10, 2017 Comfort Food  No comments

Comfort eating may be the one class of emotional eating that has its own food category (“comfort foods”). Many of us can simply name our fave go-to comfort treat that encourages the cozy or reassuring experience we often seek comfort eating .

When life gets hard, or stressed, or exhausting, comfort eating can quickly get out of control, and when you don’t have many reserves left, it can be tricky to strike back. We should be truthful, infrequently it can be difficult to even find the motivation to want to try.

Here’s the thing. Taking charge of comfort eating doesn’t need to be almost as tough as so many people make it. Many times, misguided attempts to stop it are really making the issue worse. There’s a better way. I am going to tell you what it is.

Struggles with eating to ‘feel better”...

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Five Low Calorie Comfort Foods

Friday, July 7, 2017 Comfort Food  No comments

Comfort food is generally consumed for the purpose of improving a person’s emotional status. People resort to comfort foods either to relieve ones self of negative emotions and feelings, or to achieve a sense of well being that helps in lifting one’s mood. Moreover, since comfort foods are consumed as “mood-lifters”, one generally tends to over-eat.

One concern that is often associated with comfort foods is that they boast of high calorie content. This results in a feeling of guilt being associated with the consumption of such foods. If a person is overweight, there is a high chance that he has a negative body image – perception of his own physical appearance. A negative body image in turn translates into low levels of self-esteem...

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Try a Different Gluten Free Pizza For This Traditional Comfort Food

Saturday, July 1, 2017 Comfort Food  No comments

Mozzarelli offers this Christmas so many gluten free cookies. You will love the smell and the taste! If you want to adhere to unhealthy diet then the holidays can be quite tough. Mozzarelli offers so many gluten free products for this upcoming Christmas.These gluten free cookie will instantly evoke warm upcoming Christmas memories. Mozzarelli’s gluten free pizza was established in 2004 in Flatiron New York; so that individuals on a gluten free diet could enjoy authentic taste of gluten free pizza & cookies. Christmas gluten free cookies are a tradition that never seems to get old during this season. Spend time with the family and friends and make this Christmas so special. Fantasizing about throwing a big Christmas party but fearful you will spend the whole Christmas party in the kitchen...

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Comfort Foods – Significant Things You Ought to be Aware of

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 Comfort Food  No comments

Being dumped is the hardest thing for anyone. Whether your boyfriend or girlfriend did the dumping doesn’t make the pain any less. You feel betrayed and like trash that’s been thrown to the garbage bin, worthless. Who do you turn to? Unless your best friend was with you at the moment of truth, you’ll most likely turn to your pillow for a good cry first. After that, you’ll most likely drown all your troubles in a box of chocolates, a gallon of ice cream or a bag of nachos. These comfort foods provide you with just the soothing you need to go through the emotional pain that threatens to tear you at the guts. When you are at the lowest point in your life, you turn to these foods because they just sit silently, waiting for you to sink your teeth into them...

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How to Keep Comfort Eating under Control

Sunday, April 23, 2017 Comfort Food  No comments

We’ve been fed a lot of research in recent years showing that we eat for all sorts of bad reasons – from boredom, depression and loneliness to anything we consider a celebration. The only good reason to eat, is feeling hungry. However, nutrition experts are acknowledging that emotional eating isn’t all that bad. To crave comforting foods when we have negative feelings can help us cope.

It is the norm in our society to mark special occasions with food. Few of us have ever had a slice of cake at a colleague’s birthday party because we needed the nourishment. You can give yourself permission to eat just because you’re sad or happy, or because it feels good, but you need to do it with restraint.

You don’t have to deny yourself comfort food, as long as you don’t overindulge...

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Losing Weight – The Addiction of Comfort Food

Friday, April 14, 2017 Comfort Food  No comments

Its very name is appealing — comfort food. What could be more wonderful than a food that helps us feel better? Almost everyone can name something that they eat when they’re just feeling sour or sad. Chinese take-out, chocolate cake, raspberry ice cream, banana pancakes and many others make the list.

Of course, we know that food can’t be the solution to our problems, especially the problem of trying to lose weight and keep it off. So why do we find ourselves trapped in the eat/feel better/feel worse/eat some more cycle?

The Basics

The fact of the matter is that all food makes us feel good. Our bodies are still stuck in the prehistoric period where food was scarce, so we naturally desire to binge until we feel full...

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Comfort Foods – A Great Way To Cheer Up

Saturday, April 8, 2017 Comfort Food  No comments

When you are feeling low, literally down in the dumps have you realized that this has a direct relation to your cravings? Your body then craves for some foods at the time. Foods definitely have a direct connection with the way you feel and this works the other way too. Foods have a great power to cheer you up too.

Emotional food or comfort food, yes, this is just what you crave when you are feeling down in the dumps. The reason could be anything from a bad day at work, stressed out the economic recession. You can cheer up with just a bite of your comfort food, it can cheer you up like no other. It is thus, very important that you pay careful attention to just what you eat.

Soups are another treat that can really pep me up...

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Why Comfort Food Comforts?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 Comfort Food  No comments

Like you face moments of happiness, you also face those sad and depressed moments. Do you know what suppresses the feeling of sadness in most people? Well, it is those comfort foods like ice cream, chocolate, chips and pastries. Isn’t it? Yes, because these comfort foods boost our moods.

Foods like grilled cheese sandwich, chicken soup, friend chicken, mashed potatoes and doughnuts are some of those foods that easily turn a bad day into a brighter one with the level of treat they give to your taste buds.

When grownups and adults encounter stress, they resort to “comfort foods” mostly the ones mentioned above. Emotions are believed to have a power to influence our food choices and these food choices are mostly in the opposite direction of healthy foods...

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