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Enjoy Vegan Diet Food in a Famous Restaurant in Los Angeles

Thursday, August 24, 2017 Vegan Recipes  No comments

A vegan diet consists of plant derived foods only. It does not include any animal or its products like milk, flesh, honey and eggs. It mainly constitutes the following foods such as vegetables, whole-grains, fresh fruits and juices, pasta, coconut oil, olive oil, tofu, soy, beans and legumes, faux meats, faux cheese, vegetable patties, soy yogurt, legume patties, dried fruit, rice and soy milk, vegan baking (muffins, cakes, slices, and brownies), salads, smoothies, seeds, nuts, peanut butter, almond butter, vegan margarine, cashew butter, stir-fries, and vegetable soups.

Today, the demand for purely vegetarian food is escalating significantly, and supermarkets are doing their role wonderfully by covering the needs of the consumers...

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