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Tidjoori food and beverages holds 15years experience in food market. It has come up with a goal to enrich food lovers with a wide range of organic vegan food varieties.
The name “Tidjoori” comes from Indian origin with a wonderful meaning of “treasure, precious”. Here in food world the word implies treasure of good health.
Tidjoori foods promise its clients/customers with organic food with proper nutritive value for a healthy living. Is committed to produce tasty vegetarian food that is non-dairy and meat free. Utmost care is taken for the food preparation that looks very colorful, attractive and stylish by holding its nutritive value and taste unchanged.
Why Vegan?
Our mission is to provide good health to community. According to the Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys approximately 69% of adults are overweight. Just as the great quotes say, “Eat your food as your medicine, otherwise you have to eat medicine as your food”. It is really disappointing to think of the coming generation with obesity problem.
Our real happiness starts from our family and children. Children love to try new things, including new foods. Talk to them about making healthier choices when it comes to food. Children mostly prefer junk and unhealthy foods. Unhealthy eating habits of children take its toll over a period of time resulting in obesity. Children have become much more obese as per WHO report compared to previous generations in the past 3 decades. The childhood obesity has more than doubled among children. Obesity in childhood can add up to health problems–often for life.
We at Tidjoori foods take the social responsibility of giving good health, its our commitment towards society. You give us business we give you good health it is a promise.
At Tidjoori foods we educate people on the right kind of food; Just worrying is not the solution. We need to be proactive in making aware of the advantages of vegan foods. The Tidjoori guides the communities to prevent overweight and obesity related issues.
We at Tidjoori are happy to say that our concept is spreading into Middle East and Asian markets — our products are available in supermarkets in Dubai and Hong Kong. This is a positive sign towards a healthy tomorrow. We at Tidjoori foods it is just beginning to understand the countless ways to improve health and live with the Vegan

Welcome to the home of Tidjoori vegan food, organic vegan food the healthy vegan treasure chest.

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