Why Comfort Food Comforts?

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Like you face moments of happiness, you also face those sad and depressed moments. Do you know what suppresses the feeling of sadness in most people? Well, it is those comfort foods like ice cream, chocolate, chips and pastries. Isn’t it? Yes, because these comfort foods boost our moods.

Foods like grilled cheese sandwich, chicken soup, friend chicken, mashed potatoes and doughnuts are some of those foods that easily turn a bad day into a brighter one with the level of treat they give to your taste buds.

When grownups and adults encounter stress, they resort to “comfort foods” mostly the ones mentioned above. Emotions are believed to have a power to influence our food choices and these food choices are mostly in the opposite direction of healthy foods. Comfort foods do not just fill our stomach but also help us heal emotionally. Hence, comfort food is popularly termed as something that makes a person feel better.

These foods interact with the emotions and the urge of hunger, therefore tackling the meal induced emotions. The rush of sensations that take place within the body by consuming these, make us calm, safe and cared for. Memory, history and brain are relaxed and soothed by the elements of food, such as, soft, sweet, salty and smooth.

Brain tends to link the emotions, sensory stimuli and memory with food. Your brain and certain feelings are said to associate good and happy experiences with certain specific textures, fragrances and flavors terming them as the forerunners of happiness. Hence, these foods give you a sense of relief. But still, in spite of these attributes, the question still remains unanswered as to what actually counts as comfort?

Many famous people and scientists have defined it as the opposite of stress. Whether it is through medicines or that chocolate loaded cake, one tends to de-stress by these means. It not only relaxes the brain, but comforts it as well. When we feel unattended, sad or lonely, we eat. Food becomes a fort that we build when undergoing through these emotions and we feel to be safe and secure in it.
Comfort food becomes a sort of guilty pleasure for us as taste, nostalgia and the feeling of loneliness blend to gives a sense of relaxation when we consume such food.

People resort to comfort food to soothe stress. Those who are in bad mood, they don’t care much and pile up almost everything on their plate. Turmoil of emotions often leads to over indulging, no matter what.The fact is, the more you are connected to people and friends in your life, the more you are vulnerable to pull of comfort foods from your life as comfort foods give you happiness on a psychological level.

Different people react and resort to comfort foods in different ways.So, the next time you feel low, don’t think of resorting to comfort foods, as these come with a pack of calories and no-nutrition tag, but instead think of diverting your mind to much healthier options.

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